Being known as the “backbone” of the economy, the development of the mechanical industry in Vietnam, especially the Central Vietnam, is not commensurate with this. One of the main reasons is the lack of focused investment. Therefore, the formation of Multi-Purpose Mechanical Centre in the Central of Vietnam by Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) can be seen as a bright spot for the future of the mechanical engineering industry.

Multi-purpose Mechanical Centre – “resilience” to develop the mechanical industry

Mechanical is considered one of the backbone industries of the economy, is the foundation for supporting other industries to develop. Besides the automation and energy industries, mechanics is an indispensable industry in the industrialization of the country. Notably, Vietnam is currently the destination of many large industrial corporations in the world. Vietnam’s demand for industrial machines and equipment, especially precision mechanics, is very large, starting from the objectives of economic development and restructuring.

In order to more effectively exploit the role and potentials of the mechanical industry, one of the major policies of the Government is to form Multi-purpose Mechanical Centres in 3 regions. Multi-purpose Mechanical Centre is a centre for manufacturing and supplying a variety of products, taking on many functions and being able to connect other businesses and mechanical centres.

Establishment of a Multi-purpose Mechanical Centre is an urgent requirement in the context of a huge demand for mechanical products, while domestic mechanical enterprises are mainly small-scale and do not have large enterprises playing a leading role.  The establishment of a Multi-purpose Mechanical Centre will contribute to improving competitiveness, strengthening connections between businesses, forming a chain of links in production and consumption of products, promoting the development of the mechanical industry and participate deeply in the global supply chain.

Máy cắt Fiber laser tại Tổ hợp cơ khí THACO Chu Lai
Fiber laser cutting machine THACO mechanics

THACO Chu Lai Mechanical Complex – a bright spot for the future of the mechanical industry

With more than 15 years of experience and background in automotive engineering, THACO has gradually developed and up to now has formed a Multi-purpose Mechanical Complex in Chu Lai, Quang Nam. This complex produces Agro-Forestry Mechanics, Construction Mechanical Parts & Components and Industrial Equipment Mechanics in the value chain from product research to production and supply.

THACO Chu Lai Mechanical Complex has an area of ​​19 hectares, invested 1,300 billion VND with 3 factories: Steel Processing Factory; Manufacturing Mold and Mechanical Complex. All these factories are equipped with modern technological lines and machines imported from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Korea.

The R&D Center is also formed with advanced technology and modern equipment, software for design, calculation and simulation. The workforce has 350 engineers and experts with in-depth knowledge of product design and working experience at large companies around the world. This is the strength and foundation to form the Multi-purpose Mechanical Centre.

Along with supplying factories in Chu Lai   Economic Zone and large domestic enterprises, many products of the Complex such as truck box, fuel tanks, industrial molds, luggage trolleys, agricultural mechanical … have been exported to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea. In 2019, the export value is more than 3 million USD and the plan for 2020 is 5 million USD.

Sản phẩm cơ khí thiết bị công nghiệp
Example about industrial equipment product

Hydraulic Press Machine 1,000T

Thaco Chu Lai also supports and connects mechanical enterprises through cooperation with investors and large enterprises in major markets to develop production and business, and order processed in value chains, market expansion; support small businesses in the production stages, technology and equipment are missing or share some of the stages in the value chain. Recently, the Thaco Chu lai Mechanical Complex has supported production for complete products or standard mechanical parts for businesses such as Doosan Vina, Makitech, Agata, Three Star, Dai Dung, OGS, Chien Thang, PTSC…

Currently, the Thaco Chu lai Mechanical Complex continues to invest in upgrading technology, machinery and equipment; establishing a testing center for mechanical materials and products; promote R&D activities, supply a variety of mechanical products and solutions; at the same time, promoting linkages, supporting production and consumption for mechanical enterprises in the Central Vietnam and the country in the future.