Thaco is multi-industry corporations with automobile & mechanics – core business; mains business is agriculture & investment – construction; the supports business is logistics & commerce. In automobile & mechanic, because agro-forestry mechanics have not meet to demand of Vietnam market yet, one of  THACO Chu Lai Mechanical complex’s goal is research and processing products that can serve customers domestic and foreign markets.

Distance for supply and demand potentials

The mechanization has an important role in agricultural production, contribute to helping increase  productivity levels and value added of products,  create a premise to build modern agriculture, high-tech. Agro-forestry mechanics is evaluated high potential, but that have not meet to demand of market.

Dây chuyền chấn dập định hình thaco mechanics
Section steel cutting line

Today, Vietnam have imported about 70% agriculture machines from China, Japan, Korea, besides, maintenance and repaire costs of its is very large because the spare  part must be imported from original producer. Domestic products price are higher than import machines from 15%-25% but the function & capacity that have many limits.

Mechanical have contributed to improving value chains of agro-forestry production

With the technology- equipment platforms and more 15 years experienced in production management for automobile mechanical, THACO Chu Lai Mechanical complex have developed agro-forestry mechanics with different way that is research, product development and test in THACO’s farm in Laos, Cambodia; leading to create new values for agriculture through Industrial management method. This is right steps when mechanization has become an urgent requirement in agricultural production, and matching with THACO’s multi-industry development strategy in which agriculture is considered as main business production. Develop agriculture on a large scale, with technology application and mechanization, combine research – production – processing – distribution, to increasing export high value of agricultural products that must be supported of mechanical engineering such as farming equipment, farm tools, processing equipment, and specialized transportation.

Agro-forestry mechanics products of THACO Chu Lai Mechanical complex includes products these are mechanized in production chain from planting, harvesting to processing, transporting and preserving. Main products are includes farming equipment (Disc plough, rotavator…); specialized system (pulley system, trailer…); silo, farming, breeding and aquaculture equipments with motorized solutions. The complex researched and developed products that meet the particular requirements from customers.

Thiết bị Phun tự động Cơ khí THACO Auto
Automotive Spraying Equipment

The complex is invested production line system, modern machinery; transferred advanced technology production line; strong investment in the research and development (R&D) activity by professional and fully experienced engineers. Giving engineers to Cambodia & Laos farms in order to direct research mechanization solution for fruit and industrial trees.

The complex had processing and supply agro-forestry mechanics products to Thadi’s companies (under THACO group), Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock, Hung Vuong Group and Center’s companies. In the furture, the complex will proceed export plan to China, Korea, Japan; and promoting cooperate with other companies to products development and extending market.